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"Don’t touch me," he muttered, ready to push him away… But he didn’t. Instead, he leaned against the tree and vomited. Cas would undoubtedly be less than pleased with his actions but frankly he didn’t care at the moment.

"I’m not leaving…

Jasper looked at the man and stared a little he’d seen a pic or 2 of john but john was suppose to be dead. He automatically raised his hands above his head. “Please don’t shoot. I don’t mean harm.”


"Don’t touch me," he muttered, ready to push him away… But he didn’t. Instead, he leaned against the tree and vomited. Cas would undoubtedly be less than pleased with his actions but frankly he didn’t care at the moment.

"I’m not leaving you out here plastered." He said  and led him back to camp, things looked different, there were totally different people here then when he left, what the hell was going on.







fuck you

go sit in a corner and think about what you did

hey. hey no

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"Who’re you?" the former angel slurred as he tried to shoo the stranger away. He was tempted to pull his gun on him, but didn’t want to move from his position on the ground. Maybe it was somebody from camp> It didn’t really matter, he deemed. He felt like he was going to vomit, and probably would relatively soon. " Oh shit…" he muttered, willing himself not to.

"Dean it’s me Jasper." He said concerned, something was really wrong, "Come on lets get you back to camp, this place is crawling with croats." He said picking him up off the ground.



Dean had fallen years ago, stuck on the planet as all fell apart. gabriel had said yes to lucifer… Not soon after, the croatoan virus popped up and began to spread. All the while his grace bled until he was no longer an angel, but a human. He was vulnerable to the elements, to viruses, he needed to sleep and eat and find a way to sustain himself. 

In response to the lack of grace burning through his veins, he had picked up a habit of drinking. It burned going down. It was nothing like the grace he once held, but it substituted enough.

He had wondered from camp in one of his states of drunkenness… He couldn’t even comprehend how dangerous this was with the alcohol blurring his thoughts. He tried to shoot something, but missed sadly before stumbling under a tree and falling to his face, unable to coordinate himself well enough to walk any further. he knew the drinking was bad, but he couldn’t stop, even if he claimed otherwise.

He was slowly starting to realize the situation he was in and knew he should return to camp. but he decided he would stay there for a few more minutes, thinking any infected that would have heard him would have already been there had they been in the area… 

Something weird had happened at camp. Dean had finally found the colt and all of them had gone after Lucifer. Jasper felt sick remembering how Dean had used them as a distraction. then Things went black and now he was here, near the camp again. Jasper stopped in his tracks seeing Dean by a tree stumbling, “Dean.” He said running to his side.

NBC Hannibal Sentence Meme


  • Tell me your design. Tell me who you are.
  • I feel like I’m fading.
  • I have no taste for animal cruelty. That’s why I employ an ethical butcher.
  • I’ve given my life to death.
  • Must I denounce myself as a monster while you still refuse to see the one growing inside you?
  • You have intelligence, gut, a good eye. So how is it you that you wind up where you ended up?
  • Neither of us are really free.
  • If there’s problem, you need to tell me. Is there a problem?
  • Nothing here is vegetarian. Bon appetit.
  • I feel like I’ve dragged you into my world.
  • So, how was my funeral?
  • You’re alone because you’re unique.
  • You tried to kill me. It’s hard not to take that personally.
  • Would it feel good to kill me now?
  • You’re not my friend. The light from friendship won’t reach us for a million years. That’s how far away from friendship we are.



Gabriel and Castiel had been stuck in this foreign world for so long. After the battle in their own universe, they’d been sent here. They’d never found a way back.

That winchester kid said yes to Lucifer. He said yes. It had been to late for his brother, and shit hit the fan. The croatoan virus had ravaged the world.. They could only imagine what had happened in their own home. However, they couldn’t worry about this. Not right now. Not when they had to claw and fight for their own life…

Castiel had heard of his counterpart falling and being stuck as a human. After that, their connection to the angels’ and demons’ information was cut off. They didn’t know what happened after that… they had wedged themselves into another group. One that moved… They were sweeping the city, searching for supplies in groups of two to three. Cas and Gabe were in a group, going through an old apartment building that had long since been abandoned.

Jasper was wondering through the apartment building looking for food or more importantly pills. Cas had gone through his supply of drugs already. Dean wanted the former angel to quit but Jasper had said that he would try to find some. he had a soft spot for the former angel. suddenly he heard shouting from outside and kicked the door to the nearest apartment down his rifle already off his back and went to awindow, it took him a sec to register the people in the apartment or that one of them was the sitting image or Cas.

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